We support humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Donate directly to "Give to Ukraine" at the button below. 

More than 3 million people—mostly women and children—have left to seek safety in neighboring Moldova, Poland and other European states amid the growing crisis in Ukraine.

One of the best ways you can help right now is by rushing an emergency donation to help us assist those in crisis in Ukraine and around the world. 

Kindness to everyone, everywhere.
We are an independent Christian public charity, which provides aid and resources to those in need. WE FOCUS on providing the following:
  • Support for church-planting projects.
  • Resources to aid in local church evangelism outreach.
  • Direct aid to disaster relief locations and emergency shelters.
  • Aid to organizations which provide welfare to displaced families, children, and orphans.
  • Support to missionary students abroad.
  • Scholarship aid for Bible and Seminary training.
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ASBED - Actions For Well-Being and Development 

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