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We are listed as one of the registered donor Charitable organizations through Benevity.  Hundreds of enterprise companies choose Benevity to make a charitable impact. Benevity is trusted by non-profits and causes globally to empower and deliver meaningful and impactful programming, and we are so blessed to inform you we have become part of this program.

This enable us to be selected from Corporate Giving Portals worldwide. If you are an employee of the company runs Matching Donation Program, you can donate through us by selecting ICMMS cause/project in your company Give portal and requesting Corporate Matching Donations. *  If you have any questions for this subject, feel free to contact "".

Let us accelerate our Giving by Matching Donations to aid urgent needs in the devastating situations!

*Corporate Matching Donations: Many of major corporation runs Giving campaign throughout the year. Matching donations are if you are an employee of corporate that runs Giving portal with Benevity, you can request a match to your company to give same amount as you donate to the cause you selected. (e.g., If you give to one of ICMMS projects for $50 and request match to your company, company will also give $50 to same project/organization you selected.